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Medical device manufacturer Red & Blue wins $500,000 export contract to Malaysia

Medical device manufacturer Red & Blue wins $500,000 export contract to Malaysia
Medical device manufacturer Red & Blue wins $500,000 export contract to Malaysia
Red & Blue Medical Device 'Painbot' Overseas Export Ceremony

Red & Blue, a medical device manufacturing company based in Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, held an event to commemorate the first export of its self-developed and produced PAIN BOT (pictured) to Malaysia.

The ceremony was attended by Choi Jae-koo, head of the Yesan-gun County, members of the Yesan-gun County Council, the head of the county government's economic department, and company officials, who shared the company's achievements in overseas expansion and discussed future export promotion plans.

'PAIN BOT' is a class 2 combination medical device that combines low-frequency and ultrasound, and is characterized by the ability to detect painful areas and provide intensive treatment and management of painful points to increase treatment effectiveness.

By measuring the impedance (resistance) of the skin, the device helps patients to understand the painful area more accurately through detection and visualization of the exact painful area, and increases patient trust and satisfaction through the objectification process of pain using the pain intensity measurement program.

The company also produces the BIO BALANCE GUN, which enables more precise treatment with customized intensity and separation adjustment by body part and patient.

In particular, 'PAIN BOT', which is well-known overseas, is scheduled to be exported to Malaysia by the end of March, and a total of 20 units will be exported to Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. With this, the number of 'Pain Bot' units pending contracts by the end of this year will be about 80, with a target of more than $2 million.

Red & Blue, which was founded in September 2017 in the New Material Industrial Complex in Godeok-myeon, Yesan-gun, received GMP certification in October 2020 and a medical device item license in December, obtained ISO 13485 (international certification), and received a number of patent applications and design registration certificates.

CEO Yoo Seung-mo said, "I am grateful to the employees of Red & Blue for believing in me and being united with me during the difficult times in the country such as Corona, and to everyone around me for their support." "We will use the start we have made now as a springboard to leap to a wider stage, and Red & Blue will continue to strive to improve the health and quality of life of the people like our corporate philosophy of 'bringing the value of human health to the world'."

"I was deeply moved by CEO Yoo Seung-Mo's efforts to advance medical devices by prioritizing heartfelt communication with patients, age-friendly medical services, and pride as a doctor," said Choi Jae-Goo. "We will support you to become a central company in the global medical economy beyond the local economy."

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